The Fourth Estate and public relations (a throwback)

On Sunday, January 12, 2014, the Ruston Daily Leader printed a letter to the editor I wrote in response to an article in the paper three days prior. They ran it under the title “Heating a genuine concern. My younger brother was, at the time, in 8th grade at the laboratory school. I texted himContinue reading “The Fourth Estate and public relations (a throwback)”

Commencements, Remembrances, and CELEBRATIONS!

[Quick note: Ran into someone in the store the other day who said “I’ve been following you on Tumblr and Twitter. Keep it up!” I’m still surprised by anyone paying attention to anything I have to say/write or feeling I should continue to say it. (I will. Like D’Angelo sings, I will never betray my heart.)Continue reading “Commencements, Remembrances, and CELEBRATIONS!”

2015, Q6: Supporting civil rights, creating safe space as educator

Note: Starting at the top of this year, I invited folks to ask me questions that I would answer. I view my “answers” as points in informed discussion rather than “look no further. All you need is HERE” responses – particularly on things that are less about me personally and specifically. Which is not toContinue reading “2015, Q6: Supporting civil rights, creating safe space as educator”