Elevate Leadership Camp website

Picture it: Coffee shop, 2019. I was being a cliche in a corner chair working on my laptop. A guy I recognized but didn’t know from high school came in, and a little bit later signaled “hey.” His name was Cornelius, and we exchanged pleasantries and got into the “So what are you doing nowadays?”Continue reading “Elevate Leadership Camp website”

Gale Crater Observer News Website

Over the course of three days, I challenged myself to create a website for a local newspaper. Well… local if you happen to be on Mars. Yes, the planet. The Problems I wanted to address some pain points I had noticed with many local news sites and that I found others had noticed and documented,Continue reading “Gale Crater Observer News Website”

Amy M. Hodges’s online teaching portfolio

It all started in the DMs – with a Twitter direct message. Amy M. Hodges, PhD, messaged me to help her revamp her WordPress blog into an online teaching portfolio. She’d been teaching at the university level overseas (currently at Texas A&M at Qatar) for the past few years and hadn’t had a lot ofContinue reading “Amy M. Hodges’s online teaching portfolio”